Listserv Instructions

E-mail has an irresistible allure. The possibility of instant incoming and outgoing communication from your desktop computer without having to actually speak to another person has its obvious advantages. It is efficient, inexpensive, and quick. The computer does not care if you are polite. Or does it?  Manners as well as legal boundaries have quickly found their place in Cyberspace. A few agreed-upon rules will create a positive environment for even the most timid technology users, not to mention protect the rights of all Listserv subscribers.

This listserv is provided as a members-only service of SREA. Allowing non-members, even in your office, to receive and post messages to the SREA listserv, or otherwise use this valuable membership service, is considered stealing.  Posting messages on behalf of non-members is also forbidden. Using the listserv to gain an advantage or put another member at a disadvantage (i.e. luring their employees away to your organization) is also bad form.  If you don't want your staff raided, don't use the SREA Listserv, to raid other organizations to fill your vacancies.

Disclaimer (Please click here and read this disclaimer before using the SREA Email Listserv)


Email your post/message to [email protected].

PLEASE NOTE: that when you reply to a post on the listserv, your message will only be sent to the original sender.

If you have any problems or questions, or would prefer that we add you to the lists manually, send an email to: [email protected].