About SREA

What do SREA members do?

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What Members are Saying About SREA

"It is refreshing to work with individuals who share many of the same concerns and to work as a group to solve industry problems."

"I do not know how to place a value on the benefits for my own company just from the networking opportunities I have had through SREA."

"It is great to see and hear what others are doing, new techniques, products and ideas that I would never have been exposed to had it not been for my membership in SREA."

"SREA provides me with the tools to improve myself and my company."

Key Focus Areas

Collective Industry Action - Concerns of the membership can best be addressed by current group action such as: (1) Regulation and codes, (2) Fire protection systems, (3) Any matter which shall help improve the economic well being of the industry, and (4) Developing safer means and methods of roof construction.

Business Development - To establish and supplement educational programs and the exchange of ideas and practices in order to advance the business skills of the membership.

Professional Development - To establish and supplement educational programs as well as foster a high level of knowledge and proficiency in the execution of the skill and art of commercial roof construction.

Business Network Development - To promote the growth and economic well being of member firms and the industry by encouraging mutual cooperation and interchange within the law.

Industry Image Enhancement - To promote in all ways a positive image of the industry to: (1) The companies and individuals within the industry and those who serve the industry, (2) The general public, and (3) All those whose actions affect the industry such as legislative and regulatory agencies.

Industry Information

Events - The SREA Annual Convention and Fall Meeting offer an array of educational programming focusing on the current issues and concerns of the roof erector.  Constantly at the forefront of discussion is safety, fire, technical issues, etc., and the latest in materials and services that support the industry.  SREA prides itself in the various ways it encourages members to interact at all association events.  Member participation is high along with the reviews for education forums that are a part of the association's annual calendar.

Communication - All members receive the newsletter containing articles and information that can be readily applied to the day-to-day business of roof erection.  Authors come from the industry and business experts that offer advice to professionals within the industry.

SREA communicates frequently by email to insure that time sensitive information is received by members quickly.  There is also a listserv for members to communicate with others about challenges they may be facing or information they need.

All SREA members are listed on this website so that other audiences in the construction industry can access them easily.

Industry Advocate - SREA has members from all of the Western United States who keep a close eye on issues which may affect the industry.  SREA's voice is consistently heard at hearings and meetings to make sure the interests of the industry are properly represented.