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The Structural Roof Erectors Association (SREA) was founded in 1999 for the advancement of the structural roof industry and to further the growth and professionalism of those involved in the industry. SREA solely focuses on the issues of the structural roof industry. Click Here to view a panelized roof video produced by SREA and Woodworks.   

SREA offers high quality programs, exceptional networking opportunities, and valuable resources to roof erection contractors and industry suppliers throughout the Western United States.

Why Should You Join?

To avoid re-inventing the wheel!  We're able to share ideas, common interests and mutual concerns in a professional environment.  Our peers are a wonderful resource and support mechanism that makes our companies better in many ways.  The learning curve is shortened by interacting with the professionals of the structural roof industry under the SREA banner.

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Are you looking for a professional in the structural roof industry?  Look no further!  

You may search SREA members for a roof erector or industry supplier in your area.

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We would love to have you join us!  SREA holds two annual meetings each year that provide members and those involved in the profession with timely and informative education as well as time to discuss with peers common issues and trends within the industry.  We hope you will mark your calendar now so you will be able to attend.

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